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About Nanosens

Nanosens is a Brazilian SME founded in 2016 and is specialized in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD).
We focus on liquid reagents with colloidal metallic particles and also immunochromatography technologies with colloidal gold particles or latex microspheres.

Our mission is to be a reference in the IVD sector in Brazil and Latin America, providing the best solutions for diagnostics.

What we do

We are experts in the nanodiagnostics field

Kits - IVD Reagents

Nanosens sells kits of reagents for IVD which are stable and ready to use on all opened biochemistry analyzers.

Consultancy Services

We have a great experience regarding brazilian regulatory affairs, issues and demands of agencies such as ANVISA.

Where we are

Nanosens is hosted at SUPERA Technology Park, which is located at USP in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil.

The Technology Park is an environment in which innovative high technology companies can take advantage of the infrastructure of several laboratories, through partnerships and labor of the University of São Paulo - USP, in Ribeirão Preto.
In addition, it is possible to carry out experiments, tests and validations of its products counting on the scientific knowledge of the university.

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